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ORK Door EPDM Rubber Seal Strip High Temperature Resistant Expanded Closed Cell

ORK Door EPDM Rubber Seal Strip High Temperature Resistant Expanded Closed Cell

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Product Details
100 USD
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
100 USD
0.6 ~ 1.3 USD / meter
Packaging Details
PE inside , Carton Outside
Delivery Time
7-45 work days
Payment Terms
L/C, L/C,Paypal
Supply Ability
30000000 PCS / Month
Product Description

ORK Door EPDM Rubber Seal Strip High Temperature Resistant Expanded Closed Cell


Rubber strip is manufactured and supplied in various different grades dependent upon its eventual application. More common rubber strip products are produced in either Neoprene strip or EPDM strip rubber. Our rubber strip products are supplied in square section to meet any given width, length, and thickness you may need. Manufactured Rubber strip is available in white or black colours dependant on the grade of rubber chosen and can be supplied in strip, roll or coil formats.

Neoprene strip and EPDM strip are normally supplied in a black colour and available with or without an adhesive backing, often know as rubber tape (rubber strip complete with one sided self adhesive). Solid rubber strip is ideal for applications where a heavy load will need to be applied onto it in order to create a seal. With very little compression, our rubber strip products are suitable for a whole host of outdoor as well as indoor applications. Numerous different grades of rubber strip are available meaning whether it is an outdoor use, a high temperature strip or a seal against a water application you are after, we have the answer.

Solid Rubber strip or coil can give many advantages including gap filling, anti chaffing, draught solutions, cushioning, as well as proving excellent resolutions to both packing and filling problems. EPDM Rubber weather strip is also readily available and is the process of sealing openings such as doors, and windows, from the environmental conditions.

The function of rubber weather strip is to prohibit rain, and any other water, from entering a gap by either blocking it outright or by intercepting most of it and returning or rerouting it. Furthermore, rubber weather strips supplied by Foam and Rubber Strip have a further advantage of keeping interior air in, and therefore saving energy with heating and air conditioning. Rubber strip can be supplied in a solid state or as an expanded foam rubber depending on the application.

Available in almost and given length and width, our rubber strip products can be tailored to suit any application. Our rubber strip products are available in square section, sheet, roll, strip, or coil formats. Furthermore, any rubber based strip product we supply can have a peel away adhesive backing applied to it in order to aid in sealing/bonding applications as well as helping in certain applications as a third had fixing when clamping down onto it.

With the introduction of a brand new slitting machine in March 2009, it has enabled us to be even more versatile, now being able to supply solid rubber strip in widths from 3mm up to 1000mm, and thicknesses from 0.5mm right up to 40mm. With most base materials being held in stock, the vast majority of requirements can be turned around immediately. Standard thicknesses of solid rubber strip products we are able to manufacture include 0.5mm, 1mm,1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm.

Solid rubber strip is naturally a closed cell structure by nature meaning it will prohibit the flow of any air or water it comes into contact with. With little compression in solid rubber strip it lends itself to sealing with heavy weight loads being placed on top of it. Frequently used within the construction trades, our rubber strip products enable sealing to take place through cushioning and packing of large and heavy metal loads. Most rubber strip is supplied in a black colour; however certain grades of neoprene strip and EPDM strip are also available in white.

Our rubber strip (EPDM strip and Neoprene strip) products are also available in different hardness’ ranging from a more soft 40 Shore, through to a standard 60/70 Shore and right up to a hard 80 Shore dependant on grade and choice of material required. Grades of rubber strip are readily available to cater for any required application and include medical, food, fire and flame retardant variants, LSOH, water, chemical grades and many more. Please ask one of our sales team members which grade of material is most suitable for your specific application.

Moreover, we also have the facility to apply a self adhesive backing to any rubber strip product we produce. Furthermore, rubber can be supplied as strip in both solid and expanded states dependant on customer requirements. For more on our expanded rubber strip, please feel free to browse the ‘foam strip’ section.


A common material we supply a vast majority of our solid rubber strip in is neoprene rubber. Neoprene rubber strip has many attributes including its suitability for weathering and sea water applications as well as where mineral oils and greases are apparent. With a respectable temperature range of -20 C / +90 C neoprene rubber strip lends itself as an ideal solution to a multitude of indoor and outdoor solutions. Dependent upon grade of neoprene chosen certain benefits includes:

  • General fuel and oil resistant
  • Excellent acid resistance, good ozone / weathering and oxidation resilience.
  • Available in BS2752 spec material in various harnesses’.
  • Not suitable for applications requiring resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons and ketones.


A common material we supply our solid rubber strip products in is EPDM rubber. EPDM rubber strip is generally used for water resistance purposes in components such as roofing applications, weather stripping, and window sealing etc where good resistance to ozone and weathering is of paramount importance. Thicknesses of our standard EPDM strip range from 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,10mm and 12mm.

With a good temperature prevail of -30 C to +120 C, our EPDM rubber strip again lends itself to a multitude of sealing solutions. Dependant on grade of EPDM chosen certain benefits include:

  • Good resistance to ozone/weathering and fresh and sea water.
  • Provides a strong resistance to abrasion and shock.
  • Available in plain or adhesive backed formats.
  • Impermeable to gases. Good resistance to acids, aging and ultra violet light.
  • Available in WRAS and non WRAS approved grades where potable water needs are required.
  • Poor resistance to lubricating oils and petrol.
  • Available in different harnesses’ ranging from 60 Shore to 80 Shore.
  • ORK Door EPDM Rubber Seal Strip High Temperature Resistant Expanded Closed Cell 0

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