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Blue Red Good Electrical Insulation O Seal Silicone Small Rubber O Rings Manufacturer

Blue Red Good Electrical Insulation O Seal Silicone Small Rubber O Rings Manufacturer

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AS568 series

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Product Details
30~90 Shore
Mold Pressing
Auto Industry, Petroleum Industry,Medical, Food Industry
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
80 USD
0.001 USD ~1.5 USD/piece
Packaging Details
PE bag inside , Carton Outside
Delivery Time
7-20 work days
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C,Paypal
Supply Ability
30000000 PCS / Month
Product Description


Blue Red Good Electrical Insulation O Seal Silicone Small Rubber O Rings Manufacturer


Introduction for O Rings


Measurement of O Ring

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O-Ring is a simple and versatile ring-shaped packing or sealing device with a circular

cross section. The opposite side of an O Ring are squeezed between the walls of the

cavity or gland into which the O -Ring is installed. The zero clearance within the gland

provides an effective sealing and blocking the flow of liquids, and gases through the

glands. Internal pressure dynamics and static.

O-rings are available in a variety of materials, in both standard and custom sizes. Our

proprietary compounds are designed to perform in a wide range of applications with

varying chemical exposures, pressures and temperatures.


What An O Ring Can Apply For ?

Product scope:Electrical Appliance, Hydraulic,Automobile, Furniture, Machinery, Electronic,

Household, Medical,Water industry,Food industry etc

Solution:Oil seal,Air seal,Water-proof,Solvent resistant,Heating Resistant,Dust Free,shock

absorber,skid resistant,Decoration.

Silicone material

Silicone Rubber (Q, MQ, VMQ, PVMQ)

Detasheet-Silicone70 Brownish Red(S7006).pdf


*Service Temperature
For Silicones the service temperatures are from -60 C to 225 C. Some special types can be used in

extreme temperature up to 300 C and down to -100 C.

Silicone rubber performs well under environmental and temperature extremes. It is usually applied in

automotive and aerospace industries where flexibility and longevity are important. It is also a suitable

material for parts that need FDA approval for food handling equipment and appliances.




The below is the 


Material Temperature Characteristics Application
NR -50~80℃ Good elasticity, tensile strength, wear resistance Tires, cushions, seals, cable insulation sleeves
NBR -40~120℃ Oil resistance, wear resistance, high temperature and aging resistance Oil resistant seals, diaphragms, hose and soft tubing
SIL/VMQ -60~250℃ High and low temperature resistance, non-toxic tasteless, aging resistance, insulation resistance, good thermal conductivity Household articles, seals, shock absorbers, electronic accessories
EPDM -40~150℃ Weather resistance, ozone aging resistance, steam resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance Phosphate hydraulic oil system seals, hose and auto parts
FKM/FPM -40~240℃ High temperature resistance, oil,chemical,aging resistance, good insulation, flame-retardant, less
Heat and oil resistant sealing parts, rubber hoses
SBR -50~110℃ The property is close to NR. good wear
and aging resistance. heat resistance is better than NR, but short service life
Tire, rubber sheet, rubber hose, rubber adhesive tape
HNBR -40~150℃ Not easy to wear and deform, oil resistance Aerospace, automobile, oilfield drilling, petrochemical, textile and printing
CR -40~120℃ Weather and ozone aging resistance, self extinguishing, good tensile strength, elongation and elasticity, good adhesion
with metal and fabric
Sealing ring, rubber tube, coating, wire insulation layer, adhesive tape and prepared adhesive


-40~232℃( Dry environment)

Resistant to strong acid, high and low temperature, oil, high pressure and aging Mechanical seal, petroleum industry, chemical industry, building materials


320-330℃ (formula)

Good performance, used in harsh environments, resistant to various solvents, strong acid and alkali, and good elasticity High quality and expensive seal rings.
PU -40~90℃ Not easy to wear, withstand high pressure, not easy to aging and hydrolysis Building, automobile, aviation industry, thermal insulation, household goods, household appliances


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Our Factory

Rui Chen Sealing Co., Ltd was built in 2006, now there are more than 200 staff. The company has two branches

in Guangdong and Jiangxi, They are Dongguan Rui Chen Sealing Co., Ltd. and Shangrao Rui Chen Sealing Co., Ltd..

In recent years, the company has been supported by ShangRao municipal government and fully enjoy all the

preferential policies for economic development zone. We will always take "best quality, best service" as our

mission, and make progress together with you, harmony and mutual win!

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1, IATF16949








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Inquiry Guide


In order to you can get faster and more accurate service, please send an inquiry according to this page

Enquiries parameters: size, material, hardness, color, tolerance, working environment, purchase quantity , etc.


1. Size:drawing or sample.

2. Material: Silicone, NBR, EPDM, FKM&FKM, NR, HNBR, SBR, Neoprene, PU,FFKM, etc

3. Hardness: 30 Shore A~90 Shore A

4. Color: according to your request, the most common color is black. The price of the white color products

is litter higher than others.

5. Tolerance: if there is special size requirements, please mention in enquiries. Otherwise, we will be in accordance

with the international standard tolerance execution.

6. Working environment: in order to produce more accurate production you need, please be sure to inform products

work environment. Such as motion situation(is sports or stationary, whether there is friction), contact medium

(exposure to corrosive gas, water vapor, acidic or alkaline liquid), etc.

7. Purchase quantity: please offer purchase quantity per month/year.

8. Customer information: in order to facilitate we understand more about your company, and contact you timely,

please provide your company's name, phone number, E-mail contacts.



Send your inquiry directly to us

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